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Discover Downtown Asheville

Eclectic, vibrant, bustling, edgy, funky. All words used to describe Downtown Asheville. What word would you use? Discover your own definition when you visit Downtown Asheville

Our streets are lined with locally-owned shops and boutiques, perfect for picking up a unique keepsake or handmade gift. More than 30 galleries showcase our region’s art and artisans, and a fun mix of museums, attractions and tours delve into downtown’s history and heritage.

More than 100 restaurants, coffeeshops and cafes serve up every flavor imaginable, many sourcing produce and meat from area farmers. Ten craft breweries in downtown, plus another 30+ around the city, put us on the map as Beer City USA and on nearly every craft brew aficionado list.

The city’s energy doesn’t fade when the sun goes down. Catch a show at a local club, enjoy a handcrafted brew or specialty drink, stop by the Friday Night Drum Circle or check out one of the many unique festivals happening almost any given weekend.

Art Deco, Beaux Arts and Neoclassical architecture, set against the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains, provides the perfect backdrop for a mountain town with as much personality as the people who live here.

For more visitor information, visit  Explore Asheville Convention and Visitors Bureau or Romantic Asheville Travel Guide.