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OSEGA Gymnastics Center Restructures Parents Night Out Model for New Year Themed evening events for Asheville youth starting in January. 
NORTH CAROLINA, December 16, 2016/ADA/ — OSEGA Gymnastics Center rings in the New Year with a new style of Parents Night Out events. 
Traditionally, OSEGA PNO provided a place for children to come to the gymnastics center for a night of free play, chaperoned by OSEGA staff, but the style of the evening will change in January 2017.  
Instead of PNO occurring on the first and third Friday of each month, starting in January, PNO will occur the last Friday of each month, and will have a theme. OSEGA strives to engage the children who walk through the door, and the current PNO style does not provide the level of engagement our organization strives to provide.  
Changes made to the PNO schedule include • Various age group areas • Themed activities • Themed snacks for sale at Snack Shack (i.e. snow cones for Winter Wonderland in January) 
There will be a price change to reflect the updated event. $20 per child for non-members $15 per child for current members. 
OSEGA Recreational Director Morgan Grigsby believes the new style of PNO benefits the children that attend in a way the traditional style does not. “The kids attending will work out their minds and bodies through our new style, by immersing themselves in the monthly theme through various exercises and activities provided and chaperoned by our staff,” says Grigsby. 
Keep up with our social media (www.facebook.com/osegagym and www.instagram.com/ osegagym) for more information and sneak peeks of OSEGA’s Winter Wonderland Parents Night Out, coming in January 2017! 
OSEGA Gymnastics Center Our Olympic-level training facility located in Swannanoa, North Carolina is staffed with elite USA Gymnastics certified coaches, including 4-time Olympic team coach and NCAA Lifetime Achievement recipient Miles Avery. 
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