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Sarah Tucker at Pritchard Park Singer/Songwriter

Sarah Tucker at Pritchard Park Singer/Songwriter
When: Thursday, Jul 27, 2017 6:00 pm - Jul 27, 2017 8:00 pm
Where: Pritchard Park
67 Patton Ave Asheville NC
Event Details:
The Pritchard Park Singer/Songwriter Series highlights local musical talent over 10 weeks (Thursdays, June 8 — August 10) while activating a hub of downtown: Pritchard Park. All performances are free and open to the public. All ages are welcome. 
Young artist Sarah Tucker will perform on Thursday, July 27, 6-8 PM, captivating listeners with her southern-tinted serenades, which are often sad and soothing at once. 
The Pritchard Park Singer/Songwriter Series is presented by Echo Mountain Recording and organized by Asheville Downtown Association. We believe that it’s important to bring community members together in appreciation of culture and that utilizing public spaces is a key part of a vibrant downtown. 


Local musician Sarah Tucker’s family moved to Western North Carolina when she was just 3, swapping their Charleston home for a DIY strawbale house in Madison County. Tucker attended school in Asheville and moved downtown after turning 18. Now, she’s working on her third album — the follow up to The Windowsill Girl and Hey There Beautiful — which she hopes to release by early 2018.


“As I’ve grown older and had more life experiences, my songs reflect that,” she says. “My sound is very cross-genre, and the Asheville culture has given me the opportunity to grow as a songwriter.”


In anticipation of her forthcoming performance at the Pritchard Park Singer/Songwriter Series, Tucker participated in a Q&A led by Asheville Downtown Association.


ADA: What do you personally get out of playing solo, as opposed to with a band? And what’s the trade-off?


Tucker: Playing solo gives me so much freedom. I’ve also played with bands and there is so much excitement – exhilaration – when you get to play with such talented people.


What aspects of your music do you hope listeners take away?


I hope they really listen to the lyrics and like what they hear.


What’s one strength and weakness of the local music scene from the artist’s perspective?


Asheville is an incredible music town with so many amazing musicians. In a way, it makes it easier to get out there and work as a musician. There are so many good listening spaces here, and even busking here lets you connect with a lot of people. And the opportunity to collaborate here is great, because along the way, you get to know so many accomplished local musicians. On the flip side, you do have to work hard to get your voice heard.


Where do you go or what do you do to cure writer’s block or simply refresh your perspective?


I go to public places and just listen. Sometimes phrases, words or emotions will stick with me.


Who is one musical act — local or not — that you would love to collaborate with, and what do you imagine would result from that meshing of sounds?


Ed Sheeran would be awesome. But I think it would be great to work with other singers locally to see if our voices were good together.


Do you have any connection to or memorable story that’s happened in Pritchard Park?


I started going to the Drum Circle at the park when I moved into downtown and loved it. I’ve also had the opportunity to play there on many Saturdays for the Ooh La La Curiosity Market. It’s been a very good place to meet people – all ages, all kinds of people, who appreciate my music and love all the local art.


Once, a little girl was really listening, but had to leave the market with her family, probably to get something to eat. When they came back, I was packing up and the little girl became upset and started to cry. I gave her a CD, and her mom was really sweet. She contacted me later and thanked me, because they got to listen to my music on their long trip back home. It made her daughter very happy. Me, too.


What else should potential listeners know about your music?


Come out and listen. I’d love to sing for you!


Sarah Tucker performs from 6-8 PM at Pritchard Park on Thursday, July 27. The show is free and open to the public. All ages are welcome. RSVP on Facebook here or visit the artist’s website at www.sarahtuckermusic.com.