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OSEGA’s Men’s Team Competes to Continue Record Breaking Year

A Community of Champions OSEGA’s Men’s Team Competes to Continue Record Breaking Year 
ASHEVILLE, March 8, 2017 — The Olympic Start Elite Gymnastics Academy’s Boy’s team’s record breaking competition season continues this weekend at the 2017 North Carolina State Gymnastics Championships in Raleigh, North Carolina.
The team achieved a record number of accomplishments this season, with an astounding 143 individual championship titles across the various NC state qualifying events. This success is not sheer luck. It is a representation of hard work from the athletes, and the atmosphere created and fostered by the owners and coaches at OSEGA. OSEGA owner and Boy’s Program Director, Miles Avery, maintains discipline in team practices, while still allowing the boys to have fun and grow as a team family. The athletes brought this team family with them to their competitions, which resulted in great success.
One very special success went to Tait Bergrud; a young man with special needs. Bergrud competes on OSEGA’s Special Olympics team for most of the year. However, Bergrud made a courageous move this year and now also competes on the USA Gymnastics Level 4 team. At the most recent competition in Georgia, Bergrud took home the championship title on the rings; a much deserved win.
“Tait is one of the most improved kids I know, and has definitely earned and deserves his spot on the team,” said coach Avery.  Avery is not the only coach who recognizes Bergrud’s special role at OSEGA. Coach Jake Nielsen describes Bergrud by “his fun-loving personality brings something special and irreplaceable to the team.” Vault practices came to mind for Neilsen when he spoke about Bergrud’s personality.   “Our vault is right by a mirror, and after Tait jumps on the spring board, he likes to look over at the mirrors and makes funny faces to himself!” said Neilsen.  Neilsen cannot help but laugh and allow Bergrud to let out his goofy side sometimes, because allowing kids to be kids is important, and it is what creates the team family that led to this season’s success.
Visit OSEGA’s website, www.osegagym.com, for updates on the State Championship. The team leaves for the State Championship Friday afternoon. If you would like an interviews or comments, please contact our press contact.  About OSEGA Gymnastics Center OSEGA strives to uphold and maintain a very high standard of customer service that will lead to a high level of customer satisfaction. We want to develop talent in a fun yet safe environment. We want to be the name in the community that stands out when anyone thinks of gymnastics. Press Contact Natalie Shrader (828) 665-0004 osegagympr@gmail.com