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Issues Survey Results


Each year, we survey our members to get a picture of what issues and challenges they are facing as a downtown business owner or resident. Below you'll find links to the survey results. We're looking at the results of this survey holistically to best gauge the bigger picture challenges and where respondents feel more resources should be assigned. The results allow the Asheville Downtown Association to determine areas of focus for 2017 and beyond. Safety, the need for additional parking and improved transportation, infrastructure improvements and supporting our small businesses were identified by respondents as most important to the vitality of downtown. The property questions allow us to further identify what is important in terms of development for downtown.


A few important points:

-The survey was intended as a member survey, but was shared with other community groups. Since we feel that all who utilize downtown are downtown stakeholders, we'll share both the full survey results (all 743 respodents) as well as the results broken out by those who identified as downtown business owners or residents, as those tend to better represent our members.

-The survey was designed on respected platform, Survey Monkey, and we limited respondents by IP address in an effort to get as many unique responses as possible.

-The analysis uses a weighted average, meaning it takes into account both the number of people who ranked an issue or item highly as well as those who ranked it as of lesser importance (and all responses in between).

-Our board of directors has long believed the best use for the Haywood Street property across from the Basilica of St. Lawrence and US Cellular Center is a combination of mixed use development on part of the site as well as public/green space on the other portion. This compromise does several things. The development will both recoup some of the 5+ million dollars invested in the site and contribute to property tax revenue, which can help offset the cost of building, maintaining and managing the public space that surrounds it. Plus, great public spaces have active edges and commercial activity that enliven and activate the public space. Question 7 is specific to the Haywood St. property. See our Haywood Street infographic here.

Survey results filtered by business owner or resident.

Full results.