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146 Church Street
Asheville, NC 28715

Founded in 2008 by lifelong gardener and food activist Carol Koury, Sow True Seed provides open-pollinated, heirloom and organic vegetable, herb, and flower seeds to enthusiastic home gardeners and small market famers.

As a company, we are motivated by Carol's vision of empowering individuals to become more self-sustainable and less dependent on multi-national food corporations which may not have their best interests in mind. This is woven into the fabric of our organization and everything we do. We are a humble staff of dedicated individuals who are passionate about our work of promoting seed sovereignty and food independence.

Our Intentions

Sow True Seed operates with a social and environmental consciousness.  We support home growers, small farmers and open-pollinated varieties. We question the genetic modification of organisms. We actively work to create better access to healthy food in a regenerative, sustainable and inclusive environment.

In 2015 we are stating our intentions as a responsible company. This means that we are taking our beliefs and convictions and putting them into action through the work we do each day. We encourage you, as businesses and individuals, to do the same.

Our five intentions, Sow – Germinate – Grow – Pollinate – Save, are represented by the cycle of seasons as depicted in the artwork on the cover of this catalog.

Sow: The Growers of the Future are our future. By seeding young minds with excitement and enthusiasm for a greener world, we can grow a better world.

What is Sow True Seed doing?

Sow True Seed supports school gardens through our Seed Money Fundraising Program as well as offering a 25% seed packet discount to school gardens and nonprofits. Sow True Seed is committed to working with schools and youth groups to offer fun and educational activities throughout the year - contact us a community@sowtrue.com for more information.

What can I do?

  • Support school gardens
  • Garden with your children and grandchildren
  • Encourage young farmers in your community

Germinate: Like a seed, every person has the potential to germinate; to open their eyes to the world and grow. We want you to have the opportunity and skills to Grow Your Own.

What is Sow True Seed doing?

Sow True Seed donates thousands of packets of seed to programs, such as Seed Libraries and Food Banks, which offer free garden education and harvest donation programs. We support a robust gardening network and small farming community. Our catalog is inspirational, educational and free and we continue to offer useful information to gardeners through blogs, newsletters, on the phone and in person. 

What can I do?

  • Grow something to eat where you live
  • Share your knowledge with others
  • Create or support community gardens

Grow: To plant a seed is to believe in the future. To plant that seed and care for it responsibly and as nature intended is to take part in changing the future. Treat the earth like it is an amazing, living organism that supports all life and Grow Wise.

What is Sow True Seed doing?

Sow True Seed actively campaigns against the continued expansion and infiltration of GMO-seed.  As signatories of the Safe Seed Pledge put out by the Council of Responsible Genetics, Sow True Seed does not knowingly sell GMO-seed. Sow True Seed is committed to supplying seed from known and trusted seed farmers, and to supporting organic seed over conventional seed whenever possible.

What can I do?

  • Grow organically, buy organically
  • Educate yourself and others about GMOs
  • Practice earth-friendly gardening methods

Pollinate: The unsung heroes (bees, butterflies, and other pollinators) of our gardens need our help. Reduced habitats and increased pesticide use are killing our pollinators and threatening our food security. 70% of our food supply relies on bees for pollination. No pollinators = no food. We need to support and Save the Pollinators.

What is Sow True Seed doing?

Sow True Seed offers a wide range of pollinator friendly flower seed to create year round habitats. We are working with partners, such as the Xerces Society, to offer free seed for anyone taking The Pollinator Protection Pledge.

What can I do?

  • Plant a pollinator-friendly garden
  • Don’t use harmful pesticides
  • Support your local beekeepers

Save: A secure food system requires a secure seed system. This is accomplished when home gardeners and famers use open- pollinated seed that can be saved and grown "true" year after year thereby decreasing dependence on others. Grow open-pollinated varieties and Save Your Seed.  

What is Sow True Seed doing?

Sow True Seed is committed to supplying only open-pollinated seed. Sow True Seed attends seeds swaps, carries rare and threatened varieties and actively seeks out new heirlooms. Over the last century, the United States has lost 93% of its seed varieties due to hybridization and the industrialization of agriculture – for example, in 1903 there were 497 varieties of lettuce offered by various seed companies, today that number is only 36. Sow True Seed offers a variety of Seed Saving workshops in Western North Carolina encouraging every gardener to hold on to varieties that may one day become extinct.

What can I do?

  • Plant open-pollinated varieties
  • Save your seed
  • Share your seed with others