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Individual and Family Members

Individual and family members show their support of the ADA and Downtown Asheville through membership. These members are active and involved in the ADA and strong supporters of downtown. Thank you!

Bradley Addicks
Corey Atkins
Judy Bond
Michael Bragg
Amy Brinkley
Susan Cohen
Frank Contreras
William Dodge III
Donna Dreyling
Ross Dryer
Wayne Figart

Rick Fornoff

Deborah Francis

Byron Greiner
Susan Griffin
Larry & Lisa Holt
Ryan Israel
Craig Jeffries
Leah Karpan
George and Alice Keller
Diane Knoebber
Laurie Kreimer
Zeno Lancaster
Mary Lanius
Kimberly Laughter
Richard MacKinnon
Kim MacQueen
Susan Markovitz
Jimmy Maxwell
Sandra Messer
Dr. Paul Monitto
Andrew Montrie
David Nutter
Joy Oliver
Allison Patton
Jarrod Perkins
David & Emily Quinn
Annie Reed
Stuart Rohrbaugh
Cynthia Sampson
Jan Schochet
Rick Schrader
Robert & Lynne Smith
Gayle Sovinee
Tara Steinbach
Sheila Surrett
Laura Thomas
Karen Vickers
Scott Zeller