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Increased graffiti has become a serious concern for Downtown Asheville as well as other areas of the city. Graffiti is harmful to everyone - business and property owners, residents, downtown employees and detracts tourists from visiting Asheville. For more information on how graffiti impacts a community, visit Graffiti Hurts.

  • Graffiti defaces property and damages our community's reputation.
  • Graffiti adversely affects property values and contributes to a decrease in sales tax revenue.
  • The presence of graffiti can result in more graffiti, vandalism and other crimes.
  • Graffiti creates the perception of a blighted and unsafe neighborhood.


Research shows that the most effective way to deter graffiti is to clean it up quickly, ideally within 24 hours.

From July 1-September 30, the City of Asheville is offering clean up assistance up to $500 per incident.

Here’s how property owners can report graffiti and sign up for removal assistance:

  • Use the Asheville App (ashevillenc.gov/ashevilleapp), email 123graffitifree@ashevillenc.gov, or call (828) 259-5960.
  • City staff will visit the site and estimate the cost of removal
  • The property owner signs a waiver and agrees to pay all costs over the City’s $500 investment ($500 per building per incident)
  • The City contacts a pre-qualified contractor to remove graffiti, who will aim to remove graffiti within 48 hours
  • The City pays the contractor and bills the property owner for any amount over $500


Here are some local resources to assist with clean up:

Some tips for prevention:

  • Incorporate natural deterrents, such as landscaping. Shrubs, thorny plants and vines will effectively restrict vandal access.
  • Plan or add lighting to promote natural surveillance.
  • Use fences, controlled entrance and exits, rails, and other barriers that discourage through traffic.
  • Limit access to roofs by moving dumpsters away from walls and covering drainpipes to prevent vandals from scaling them.

View the City of Asheville's Graffiti Resource and Crime Prevention Guides