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Downtown Murals Dedicated to Appalachian Mural Trail


Players of music, tellers of mountain tales and ghost stories step out from large outdoor art and remind us of our romantic past at the upcoming dedication of four Asheville outdoor historical murals. These murals are to be dedicated to the Appalachian Mural Trail on Saturday, May 6, 2017. At 2:00 pm the YMI band comes alive and plays a tune from the past,  stepping out from the Triangle Park mural, an outdoor mural that tells the history of the African American Block area of downtown Asheville. Collaborating with the Asheville Just Folks group to make this happen, the Appalachian Mural Trail will also honor Molly Must, lead artist, and all the artists who painted the mural. Catch DeWayne Barton’s touring shuttle to Pack Square Park for mountain music at the “Golden Threads Shindig mural!"

At 2:30 young mountain musicians will step out from the “Golden Threads” Shindig mural on the outside wall at Packs Tavern facing Pack Square Park. All of these young players are actually depicted in this mural, painted by Doreyl Ammons Cain; Carley Arrowood, Rhiannon Ramsey, Jonah & Grayson Riddle and Lillian Chase.  On hand will be Jane Thompson Gurley to orchestrate this musical step back in time. Cold spring water and Moon Pies will be on hand for refreshments. Catch DeWayne Barton’s shuttle to Lexington & Market Street for Ghost stories at Chicken Alley!

At 3:15, further down on Market Street, the infamous Chicken Alley will make your hair stand on end with ghost stories told by Pepper Parris about the ghost of Dr. Jamie Smith and you can view the brilliant Chicken Alley Mural by lead artist Molly Must. Just over from Chicken Alley is the Lexington Gateway Mural, a masterpiece lead by Molly Must and painted by some of Asheville’s most talented artists. Catch DeWayne Barton’s shuttle back to Eagle & Market Street to enjoy the rest of the Just Folks celebration in Triangle Park!

The Appalachian Mural Trail Group will be at each mural to unveil a plaque on the murals and to tell about how everyone can go to www.muraltrail.com and select their personal outdoor historical mural route to tour other outdoor historical murals encircling the Blue Ridge Parkway and beyond. This amazing event is free and open to everyone!

The Appalachian Mural Trail event is sponsored in part by a grant from the Asheville Area Arts Council's Art in the Park award. Other sponsors include the Asheville Design Center, the Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Asheville Downtown Association and Packs Tavern. The Appalachian mural Trail Group is a subsidiary of Catch the Spirit of Appalachia, Non -profit Corporation.

Photo of Carley Arrowood in front of the 'Golden Threads' Shindig mural in Pack Square Park courtesy of Haley Benton, reporter for the Asheville Citizen Times

Schedule of events:

Triangle Park mural, Market Street

Time: 2:00

Introductions: Artists, Sponsor- Asheville Design Center

Mural Enactments: YMI band, Just Folks

Dedication of Mural:

Total time- 20 minutes

Walk or shuttle to Pack Square Park/ Packs Tavern- 5 minutes

Golden Threads Shindig mural, Packs Tavern

Time: 2:30

Introductions by Jane Thompson Gurley: Artist, Sponsor- Packs Tavern

Mural Enactments: Young Musicians- Carley Arrowood, Lillian Chase, Jonah & Grayson Riddle, Rhiannon Ramsey

Dedication of Mural:

Total time- 20 minutes

Shuttle to “Chicken Alley” mural- 10 minutes

Chicken Alley mural, Market Street

Time: 3:00

Introductions: Artists, Sponsor- Asheville CVB

Mural Enactments: Ghost stories by Pepper Parris

Dedication of Mural:

Total time- 20 minutes

Walk to Lexington Gateway Mural- 5 minutes

Lexington Gateway mural, Lexington Ave. & Interstate 240

Time: 3:30

Encourage people to walk over and look at the mural

Shuttle back to Packs Tavern/ Triangle Park