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City of Asheville inclement weather update

ASHEVILLE – Due to continued inclement weather and high snowfall accumulation, non-emergency City of Asheville services and offices will be closed or operate on a delayed schedule Thursday, Feb. 13.

City of Asheville Public Works crews continue to service city streets overnight Wednesday and into Thursday morning. Due to the continued snowfall, plowing and sanding/salting will occur mainly on primary roads as crews readdress new accumulation.

An overnight shift of 28 Public Works personnel is operating a fleet of 25 vehicles in response to the snowfall. 

As crews move to secondary roads on Thursday, the public is asked to leave vehicles in driveways and away from street side parking to leave room for plows to service roads.  

Downtown parking garages will remain open for free parking Thursday. Motorists are asked to avoid using metered street side spaces so that plows can service roads.  

Travel conditions continue to be extremely hazardous and any unnecessary travel on roads is strongly discouraged.

“We are asking citizens to limit travel as much as possible for their own safety and the safety of other citizens and emergency response personnel,” said Mayor Esther Manheimer. “I also want to encourage people to check on their neighbors, especially the elderly who may be without extra support during extreme weather conditions.” 

Garbage collection is anticipated to be suspended for Thursday, and residents are asked to move carts from streets where possible so that plows can service roads.  

Ride the ART bus service is suspended for Thursday until further notice. Please find up-to-date schedule and route information at www.ridetheart.com

All Parks and Recreation facilities and programs scheduled for Feb. 13 will be closed.

City of Asheville non-emergency government offices will open on a delayed schedule Thursday pending evaluation of weather impact on roads.  

Police, fire, emergency response and public works personnel will continue operating on a 24 hour schedule.  Currently, public safety calls for service are at normal levels.  Public works crews continue to check and treat roads as needed.  

In the event of an emergency, citizens are urged to call 9-1-1. Citizens who are in need of prescription medications or medical supplies and services but are unable to leave their homes due to hazardous roadway conditions may call 252-1110 for assistance.  Information regarding shelters will be released upon shelter openings.  Citizens are advised to keep informed by monitoring local media which will post any shelter openings, locations and other valuable information based upon updated press releases from the City of Asheville.

Downed power lines are dangerous and should be reported to 911.  Power outages can be reported to Duke Energy Progress by calling the toll-free, automated outage reporting system at 1-800-419-6356. Spanish speaking customers should call 1-866-4APAGON (427-2466) for outage reporting assistance. For those with access to the internet, outages can be reported by clicking https://www.progress-energy.com/app/OutageEntry/default.aspx.  For information regarding the outage restoration process, please visit http://www.duke-energy.com/north-carolina/outages/restoration.asp.

Updates about weather conditions and city services can be found at www.ashevillenc.gov and www.facebook.com/cityofasheville and www.twitter.com/cityofasheville  . The Asheville Fire Department will share information about roadway conditions and other emergency notifications at www.twitter.com/ashevillefd

This press release can be found at www.ashevillenc.gov/NewsandEvents/CityNews/tabid/662/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/27304/City-of-Asheville-inclement-weather-update.aspx