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ADA Board of Directors Respond to HB2


On April 13th the  Asheville Downtown Association board of directors held its first monthly meeting since North Carolina House Bill 2 was passed. The bill and its implications were discussed at this meeting.

In response to House Bill 2, the board of directors has approved the following statement:

We are proud to represent a diverse and inclusive community and believe that all citizens of our state must be treated equally. In 2015, we updated our mission, vision and guiding principles. One guiding principle is “We value integrity and inclusivity; they are at the core of what we do.” Discrimination of any kind not only goes against this principle and our core values, but it is bad for business, bad for Asheville’s economy and bad for our state’s economy.

We welcome your feedback and comments. Please feel free to contact Executive Director Meghan Rogers directly by email or phone at 828-251-9973.