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Parade Application


PDF Applications: please complete and email to info@ashevilledowntown.org or mail to

29 Haywood Street, Asheville NC 28801. 


Asheville Holiday Parade Application Rules

PDF of Rules

Judging Overview

Parade date: Saturday, November 21, 2015; 11am



1.  Completed, signed application with payment due by Monday, October 19, 2015. The Parade Committee will evaluate applications on a weekly basis as they arrive and make selections based on interpretation of theme, entertainment factor and creativity. Accepted entries will be listed in the parade section of our website and updated weekly. All decisions will be made on or before October 10. Line up will be completed by October 24 and posted on our website along with information about where to drop off, line up, route map, etc. Individual information packets will be emailed by November 3 with additional lineup information and number to be attached to your entry. Your fee will be returned if your application is not accepted. The Parade Committee's decisions are final.

2.  Incomplete applications will not be considered. The entry described on your application must be the same as what is presented at lineup. If you have significant changes to your entry (such as change in description, additional vehicles or personnel, or amplified sound), you must email jamie@ashevilledowntown.org or call 828 251-9973 before October 24, as this may affect lineup position and/or fee. Vehicles that are not included in the application will NOT be admitted. If the entry is not as described in the application, you may be removed from the parade lineup.

3.  Carefully estimate the overall length of your entry at lineup and overestimate if need be.


1.  Each entry must include a sign or banner with the organization's name.

2.  Lineup number must be posted front right and front left of each entry.

3.  Entries are strongly encouraged to utilize the parade theme… JOY TO THE WORLD. Other holiday themes (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Winter Solstice) may be used as well, but remember, use of parade theme is approximately 20% of judging.

4.  Everyone walking in the parade must be dressed for a parade — alike or in costume. Uniforms, consistent colors, costumes… make it entertaining. We’re looking for more than groups in winter coats with Santa hats.

5.  No advertising fliers, business cards, etc. can be distributed unless with candy, a coupon or gift. NEW RULE: Distributing items is labor intensive, time consuming and tends to separate elements of an entry. And, if it’s paper or information, most of it ends up on the street which is why we no longer allow advertising pieces to be distributed.

6.  Nothing may be thrown into or at the audience. Costumed persons may walk on both sides of your moving vehicle or float entry and hand items to those who want them. Safety of children and other spectators is a principal concern of the parade.

7.  Parade Marshals in red Marshal caps or vests will assist you at lineup and egress and along the parade route. They are authorized to enforce the rules of the parade and have the right to pull entries not complying with the rules/regulations.

8.  Sound systems should be placed with the speakers facing the sides of the entry so that maximum sound will reach the audience with minimum interference to entries preceding and following yours. An authorized “Volume Control” Parade Marshal may instruct you to adjust the volume.

9.  A distance of two car lengths is ideal between entries. Parade Marshals will instruct you to increase and close gaps as needed.

10.  There is only one Santa in the parade. No other person may dress as Santa. Hats, elves, Mrs. Santa and reindeer are all okay, but only one Santa.

11.  All performance stops must be requested on the application with full details and a video or link to video before being considered for approval. Only professional, choreographed performances will be considered. (See application for full details). If you requested a performance stop but the committee did not approve, you may not stop at the performance area.

12.  The parade will not be cancelled due to weather conditions. Come prepared for rain, cold or heat. Dress from the inside out… meaning, wear long johns or tights underneath your parade outfit; not a parka on top.

13.  Smoking or alcoholic beverages are not allowed on any float, in any vehicle or by any participants during the parade.

14.  Camera, video and mobile phone use by participants is discouraged. You are there to entertain others, not to be entertained.

15.  Police will enforce all city, state and federal laws at all times.

16.  Refunds will not be given for cancellations after October 31. A cancellation list will be kept in case space becomes available. Refunds will not be given for no-shows.


If you have any specific questions not answered here, please contact Jamie Carpenter, at jamie@ashevilledowntown.org or at 828 251.9973.

If you have any questions pertaining to special conditions, needs or exceptions, contact Sandie Rhodes, at sandie@ashevilledowtown.org or direct at 828 628.1422.

If your entry is selected to be in this year’s parade, you will be contacted by email to provide you with detailed information regarding arrival time, line up, etc. In the meantime, please check www.ashevilleparade.org periodically for updates and new developments.