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Brasilia Churrasco Steakhouse

Brasilia Churrasco Steakhouse
26 E Walnut St
Asheville , NC 28801
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Brazilian steakhouse popular for its unique buffet serving method. The style, known as rodizio, involves Gauchos bringing 16 unique cut of roasted meats to diners' tables and carving out portions by request. Along with the Grilled meats, we also bring 20-25 Fresh made Salads on the bar. Churrascarias take their name from the Portuguese churrasco; loosely translated to English as "barbecue." A more accurate definition for the word can be taken from the Spanish churrascar, or "scorch," which can be used to describe the cooking methods of these establishments. The meat is cooked over a charcoal or wood-fired grill until the meat is roughly medium rare or medium well. The meat is then placed on a display skewer to be carried around by the passadores, or waiters. Brasilia Churrasco Steakhouse offer a wide selection of meat and cuts, including steaks and sausages. Common cuts of beef include filet mignon, prime sirloin, and short ribs; a variety of cuts for chicken and pork are also available. Diners can also request that the servers prepare cuts with certain levels of doneness, whether it be very rare or well-done. A churrascaria restaurant aiming for authenticity might also offer guides on ordering cuts in Portuguese